Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hello friends and supporters!

Although I am not currently doing very much with this blog, having moved most of my activity to my new website, there are some recent developments that I thought should be listed here! 

First and foremost: I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Scott Mann of the Permaculture Podcast. We had some really enjoyable discussions, both on-air and off, about life, Permaculture and the Food Forest cards. You can hear a bit of our rambling discussion for yourself on his most recent podcast (please excuse the sound quality!):

Second: as some of you may have already realized, we have a new Website! Please visit us here

Third: there are now a number of games you can play with your cards. You can find them on the Instructions page of our new website (click here). We are always looking for new games - and improvements on the ones we've developed - so PLEASE send me feedback and tell me about the games you are playing with the cards!

Finally: if you can, please share our new website and a link to the podcast on social media. We would really love to get the word out far and wide.

Thanks again for your ongoing support!

Best wishes,Karl

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