Completed Playing Cards

Below are all of the cards that I have completed to date, as well as stand-in cards for the eight additional plants that I intend to add before the deck is printed.  So you can basically see the entire deck! 

Although this page is called "Completed Cards" you should feel free to suggest edits and improvements.  Also, there may still be some typos or other errors.  If  you have comments, please leave them below.  I will review them and will implement all of the best suggestions.  I still have other copy-editors reviewing these cards so expect to see some tweaks to the text.
There will be about 68 cards in total.  Some of the cards below will be duplicates.  The goal is to have 6 cards for each layer of the food forest.  There will also be 6 insect cards, 10 structure cards (including duplicates), two natural disasters and at least 4 blank cards on which you can draw your own favorite plants!
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  1. This is a great idea! Creating plant guilds in a card game through matching the input needs of one card (plant) to the output needs of others. I think it will get people's design juices flowing.

    I wonder if you have a complete list of plants/elements to include in the final set? For example, will you include bamboo? mulberry? locust? cow pea?

    1. Hi again, Ted. I have just updated the page with a complete list of cards - including 8 that I have not yet completed. I have included bamboo (thank you for the suggestion) and mulberry (one of my favorites). American Hogpeanut is an interesting, self-seeding pea that I chose over cow pea. I did not include any locust due to space restrictions but would like to in future expansion packs. With canopy and understory trees, I tried to get as many nut and fruit trees as possible. There were enough nitro-fixing shrubs to take up the slack and bear fruit at the same time so I did not feel that honey or black locust was necessary on balance. Also, there are the complexities of livestock poisoning from eating the leaves and seeds of black locusts - not to mention that some states consider it an invasive. That said, I love locust trees and consider them valuable Permaculture plants when managed properly.

  2. Hi Ted,

    Thanks for the comments!

    Hopefully this first "finished" set will just be the beginning -- depending on the response I get to the release. I will eventually want to include all of those plants you mentioned in regional and/or thematic expansion packs so that you can build your own personal set according to your specific needs and challenges. For example, I can envision a "nitrogen fixer" expansion pack or an "arid climate" pack.

    As it stands, this first set will include bamboo and mulberry but not cow pea and locust. I am really trying to focus on perennial edible plants for this first set, although I must admit to having deviated a bit with a couple of the cards. Perhaps you will settle for hogpeanut and sea buckthorn for the time being? :)

  3. That sounds great, Karl. I look forward to seeing the cards!

  4. Sorry for the late post, Ted. For some reason the notification ended up in my spam box! :)

  5. Tagastaste and acacias I reckon. Great support species.