Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Food Forest Game Cards: Improved Layout!

Dearest Food Forest Enthusiasts!
Thanks to my wonderful review team, today we introduce an improved design for the Food Forest playing card design.  Aside from a pile of new cards, there are several important changes to notice:
  • Ghost images will allow folks to customize their own cards!  A thin, black sharpie is all you need to color in an icon to customize a plant's card.  For instance, perhaps you think
  • The infinity symbol icon: If you know of a connection between two plants, and if you can describe and defend it, you can play the connection using the infinity symbol.  We have not yet updated the rules to incorporate this change but you can feel free to tweak the rules whenever you like.
  • At the bottom of each card we have removed the "type" and replaced it with one of the 7 layers of the food forest: overstory, understory, shrubs, climbers, herbaceous, ground covers, and roots/tubers.  In addition to these seven layers we have included structures, animals, insects and natural disasters.
  • Finally, we have added a card that you can customize with your own plant!  See below for an image of this customizable card.  There will be four of these with every deck, and additional customizable cards will be available through our crowd funding campaign. Once you get your cards, we hope you will share your special plants with us so that we can incorporate them into future expansion packs.

You can see all of the completed cards on the Completed Playing Cards page.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Finally, I am excited to announce that we will soon finalize a date at the beginning of March to launch our crowd-funding campaign!  The cards should be complete by the end of the campaign, so the Food Forest playing cards will be the most prominent "thank you" gifts offered during the campaign and will be shipped as soon as we can get them out the door.

Warmest wishes!

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