Friday, December 18, 2015

Advance Copies Ordered

Reverse image of the Food Forest card game based on Permaculture ethics
Big News!!!

I have ordered 30 sample decks. Each of these decks has only 36 cards as opposed to the 68 cards that will be packaged with the full sets when we offer them (via crowd funding campaign) later this winter. Using these smaller decks, you should be able to play games with 2-3 people as opposed to 4-6 with the full-sized decks. 

In order to make these sample decks playable, I had to create duplicates of cards that will not be duplicated in the same proportion the full decks.  More explanations will follow for people who receive advance copies.
These decks are expensive, so I can only offer them to people who are serious about either reviewing them for errors or helping me get the word out about the eventual product launch (or both!). Please EMAIL ME with your name, address and other contact information if you would like to review a copy. I will do my best to get you one when they arrive.

Warmest wishes,Karl Treen

The blackberry playing card for the Food Forest card game based on Permaculture principles


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