Monday, December 7, 2015

The Countdown!

We have several busy months before we are ready for the crowd-funding product launch, but it is about time I started sharing my Food Forest playing cards in a public forum.  This website is still under construction, but curious folks are demanding more details...

Food Forest - a permaculture card gameAs you may have heard, Food Forest is a card game inspired by Permaculture.  I will be writing a bit more about Permaculture in the future but, for now, please read my What Is A Food Forest page for a little more background.

There are currently several other pages to explore, as well:  Understanding the Playing Cards is a key to symbols and terminology on the actual cards.  I have also created a page on which I will be displaying my Completed Playing Cards.  Although I call them "completed", they are not going to print for a few months.  And I hope to provide more detailed information about each card, and why I included it, in the future.  Please share your ideas for improving these cards.  As with any Permaculture endeavor, it takes a community!

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