Friday, December 11, 2015

Quick update and New Cards!

Apricot card for Food Forest, a card game inspired by Permaculture

Above is my new apricot card.  I'm rolling out a bunch of designs over the next couple of weeks.  Word is that I may have the opportunity for some media exposure and I am trying like mad to get ready for it.  Sleepless nights, long days, but it's all good.  There is something about working on meaningful work that makes it so much more worthwhile!

In the midst of all this business, I wanted to show you one of the new cards, and explain about a change in icons.  You can see a bunch more cards on the Completed Playing Cards page -- new cards are being added almost daily.  One big change is that I have swapped the "Beneficial Insects" icon for a new "Pollinators" icon.  The two main "predatory insects" cards will be included as "wild cards" and predatory insects will simply need to be explained in words.  The concept of predatory insects, and predator attractors, is simply too complex to represent as an icon.  In games where aphids come into play, the ladybug and the upcoming praying mantis card can nullify the impact of aphids.  In fact, this is how the most complex of the games was designed over a year ago -- as you will see when I have completed the rewrite of the instructions.  So, in a way, I'm going back to my roots.

I hope your holiday season is full of good cheer!  Ours is crazy... good crazy.  That's just the nature of things around here! 

Warmest wishes,

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