Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sample Decks Available!

Hello friends!

For those of you who have not yet heard, the sample decks have arrived!  These are partial decks with about half of the designs that will be available in the full deck.  They can be played with 2-3 people (depending on the game) and will give the player a very good approximation of playing with the full deck.

Some of you have already contacted me with your mailing address.  For you, I will be sending out the samples early next week.  If you have not contacted me, please consider doing so.  I am especially looking for reviewers who can help to:
  1. Edit the deck for errors.
  2. Play the games with a variety of age groups
  3. Suggest improvements to games, or even help develop completely new games
  4. Broadcast to the world that the crowd-funding campaign is on the horizon for late February / early March (either through Facebook with pictures and shares of my posts or through other media venues.)
Please let me know if you have time and interest in helping with this editorial / publicity process.  In return, you will get the free sample deck and my everlasting gratitude!

Furthermore, we are in the process of rewriting the instructions to better suit this new version of the deck.  The instructions were previously written for an earlier version that I tested last winter.  The new cards are streamlined (with fewer icons) and a lot more attractive.  This version is proving even more fun to play, especially with a few tweaks to the existing game rules.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project thus far!  It is unbelievably exciting to hold these professionally printed cards.  Everyone who has seen them is blown away with the quality of this nearly completed product.

If you do not have my personal email address already, please use the contact form on the right-hand sidebar to get in touch.

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